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Live entertainment for any event

If you are looking for a band, The 145s are a band who will partner with you to help make your event more memorable.

From Birthdays to Halloween parties, from community events to charity balls, we can do more than "just turn up and play".

How can we help with your event? How can we help?



The list below is by no means exhaustive - but these ideas reflect just some of the ways we could help out with a wide range of different events. There are separate pages with more detail for those organising a wedding, corporate event, christmas party or formal dinner / reception. Otherwise read on for some ideas about how we can help with a range of other events. Unless stated otherwise - everything mentioned below is included in our standard fees

Birthdays & Anniversaries

The most important thing for private celebrations with family and friends is often the "personal touch". If you're organising one on behalf of the guest(s) of honour - why not get us involved in springing a surprise for them? Check out our "special performances" entertainment ideas for inspiration.

If you are the guest of honour, we admit it may be difficult to plan a surprise for yourself. Just make sure you tell us what's most important to you - it could just be a favourite song / artist, a special dance with an important person, or maybe you want to plan a surprise for someone else.

Halloween Parties

For starters, if you hire us for Halloween, we will get involved in the dressing up. We also have a few special songs lined up for just such occasions (Thriller and Ghostbusters to name a couple), and if you have a particular favourite thats not in our repertoire just let us know. Aside from the live music... Maybe you also need help judging the costume competition? Or need to create a spooky sounding playlist? We can do that too.

Valentines Balls

If you're running a Valentines night we can focus on the love songs for the evening (Wonderful tonight... Everybody.. Ain't no mountain), but we can also be a bit more tongue in cheek - to give the singles something to enjoy. (If you've seen the Blues Brothers version of "Stand by your man" you may have an idea what we're talking about). For a little extra, we could help you organise a love-song-sing-off between couples as a way to create some really memorable moments!

Charity Events & Fundraisers

We will not charge full commercial rates for charity events or other fundraisers. These events have the catch-twenty-two of needing to be interesting enough to attract guests, while still having to save every penny. So if you'd like live music at your event, however large or small, don't hesitate to get in touch.

We'd also be happy to help you raise more money in any way we can at your event. Could you organise a "sponsored sing"? Or host a Rockaoke competition and charge a small fee to enter? Or maybe you could just have special guest performance by someone suitable to sell more tickets.

Student Events

Organising a student ball or party? The most important thing will probably just be getting the music right - we can perform a great selection of current and classic pop tunes which will go down a treat, and don't forget to tell us if there are any specific favourites you know your crowd will love. They won't need much more encouragement than that to dance and have a good time!

For a little extra, because it's also a crowd that will probably be willing to get more 'involved', why not try Rockaoke or live dance classes?

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